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Whether you are starting a gluten free diet, have been gluten free for years, or want to find information for a special gluten free person in your life, you are in the right place. Use the menu at the top to navigate to the best starting place for you, or scroll down for more guidance. 

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About Gluten Free Vault //

The hardest part of gluten free isn’t the decision whether or not to do it or making the decision to eat gluten free daily. The hardest part is living in a world that sees the thing that poisons you as a health benefit. 

That’s why our focus is on finding ways to make living your life and staying gluten free easy and simple. You shouldn’t need to follow new recipes or change what you like. Staying gluten free should be easy and our goal is to help you do it with confidence.

Start Your GF Life

Find tips for how to begin your own gluten free journey, simple things you need to know, and advice from the experts without an overwhelming flood of information.

Staying Gluten Free

Navigating social events, shopping, and daily life while maintaining a gluten free diet and staying healthy is not easy. Find tips on how to do this while keeping your sanity intact!

Best GF Products

Find the best replacement for flour in your grandma’s recipe, don’t find a new recipe! You don’t need to trust our taste, we get our data from groups of people taste-testing these recipes.


Our Approach //

We don’t want you to rely on our taste buds or trust that we know what products are best and we don’t want to be just another site giving different recommendations without research behind it.

What we do differently:

  • Host events and have as many people as possible to taste test and rank the products so you get the best information possible
  • No affiliate links, ever. We don’t get paid to recommend or try any brands so you can trust our results have no influence on our pockets



See Results

See the tests we have conducted and the results we have found with tables to easily see the best overall products.